Helping young immigrants … the ‘Crèche’ in Tel Aviv

//Helping young immigrants … the ‘Crèche’ in Tel Aviv

Helping young immigrants … the ‘Crèche’ in Tel Aviv

On the outskirts of Tel Aviv there is a place of peace: a kindergarten that welcomes and lovingly cares for children of immigrants in Israel.

“…..Cherish the people and lovingly care for everyone, especially for the children and the elderly, those who are most vulnerable and who often are in the periphery of our heart.”

Eyes that speak, those of the small children who we meet at the ‘Crèche’ – cot (crib) in French – on the outskirts of Tel Aviv, a kindergarten for Hebrew-speaking Catholics created and managed by the Vicariate of St. James and the Coordinating Committee for the Pastoral Care of Migrants.

All of them are below three years of age. They are Eritreans, Sri Lankans, Indians and Filipinos: they are all welcomed in a multicultural environment where they can breathe pure love.

Inaugurated in 2014 with only 6 children, in just two years, the Creche reached, divided into four structures, 51 shares, with an additional 21 places in Jerusalem.
A project of love, born from the need to give children of migrants in Israel – a safe, clean and stimulating place to stay.

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